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Across Down
4 You can increase your spot size after the working distance is locked in up by turning the _______ knob on the micromanipulatror
8 The protective cover must be removed from the microscope _________ prior to applying.
10 A _________ can be added to the micromanipulator for added support for the surgeon
11 The mirror on the micromanipulator should be cleaned using the _____ ____ _____ method
12 To _________ your microscope you need to place it where it will be during the procedure and then hit the green focus button.
15 When attaching the micromanipulator to the microscope make sure fit the notches in, slide it down and hear a click before _________ the holding screw
16 The purpose of the test fire is to make sure the aiming beam and the therapeutic beam are ____________
17 Once the working distance on the microscope and the micromanipulator are equal the spot size should be at its ____________
20 To lock in your working distance on the microscope you press the _________ button
1 Once your working distance is set you should not _________ it
2 The micromanipulator is located in the _______ cart
3 Once your microscope is focused in the location you want it, you need to ensure your _________ _______ is the same on your micromanipulator and microscope.
5 Before draping the micromanipulator the drape holding bracket must be applied by __________ the grooves of the bracket up the outer sides of the micromanipulator and tightening the bracket knobs
6 To remove micromanipulator from microscope loosen the holding screw, ______ the release lever and slide the micromanipulator up and out
7 The test fire should take place ________ the patient is in the room
9 The clear plastic tubing that is wrapped around the laser arm attaches to the micromanipulator and to the _______ machine
13 The laser should be in ___________ mode when the surgeon eyes are no longer looking through the microscope
14 To connect the laser to the micromanipulator attach the threaded lens adapter to the distal end of the laser arm ______, then to the entry port on the micromanipulator
18 To re-focus the microscope after your working distance has been locked in you need to _______ the head of the microscope back and forth until operative field is in clear view
19 To lock the working distance in on the micromanipulator you need to secure the working distance lock _________
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