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Latin America Crossword Puzzle

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Latin America

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Across Down
7 Movement of people, plants, animals, and diseases between Latin America and Europe and Europe and Latin America.
9 He defeated the Azrecs.
10 The major mountain range in Mexico.
11 Where the Mayans lived.
12 The largest river system in south America.
13 He called for a rebellion against Spain.
14 He defeated the Inca.
15 The government owns or controls most farms and businesses in this type of economy.
16 An island that is made of the countries of Haiti on the west and the Dominican Republic on the east.
1 Religion based on African traditional beliefs that is practiced in Cuba; often called voodoo.
2 Where the Amazon rain forests are mainly located.
3 These mountains are 5,500 miles.
4 Descendants of Europeans and Africans.
5 Central American is this type of landform.
6 Descendants of Europeans and Native Americans.
7 The type of government of Mexico.
8 The Communist leader of Cuba, a dictator.
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