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Latin America Crossword Puzzle

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Latin America

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Across Down
3 What type of shrubs grow in Mexico and Central America?
5 Where are th driest areas of Mexico?
7 What kind of forest has a tropical climate?
8 Where do tropical rain forests thrive?
9 What do places in the interior highlands of Central America receive less of?
10 What types of forests are NOT located in the Caribbean?
13 What trees grow at higher elevations? (2 types of trees)
15 What do winds that blow inland from the warm Caribbean Sea bring to the eastern side of the mountains?
1 Where along how Caribbean coast receives the most precipitation?
2 What is the thorny plant located in a desert?
4 What is the factor that changes climate on a mountain?
6 Where does half of Mexico lie south of?
11 What makes the Caribbean climate warm and constant year-round?
12 What do islands of the Caribbean that are protected from the wind receive less of than those facing the wind?
14 What kind of cacti grow in Mexico's deserts?
16 What direction to the Tropic of Cancer do a greater variation of temperatures exist?
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