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Law And Justice Crossword Puzzle

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Law and Justice

Complete the following crossword puzzle.

2                         3      
          11                     12
        14             15          
Across Down
4 The process in which on country asks another to surrender a suspected or convicted criminal.
5 A more serious crime.
6 To prevent enactment of a bill.
8 Rights that all people have simply because they are human.
9 The first 10 amendments.
10 A less serious crime.
11 A legal way of making a provision less enforceable then it might otherwise be.
14 A lawsuit that can be brought by a person who feels wronged or injured by another person.
1 The states or federal governments attorney in a criminal case.
2 The division of power between the states and the federal government.
3 A person accused of committing a crime.
7 The process by which the courts decide whether the laws passed by Congress or state legislatures are constitutional.
12 Written laws enacted by legislatures.
13 The person or company harmed by the defendant.
15 An agreement or contract between countries.
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