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Law And Society Crossword Puzzle

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Law and Society

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Across Down
8 to bring a civil action against another person for causing damage or injury
9 the standard of proof required in a criminal trial
10 an application for a legal decision to be reviewed in a higher court
11 system in which two opposing parties present their arguments to a magistrate or judge
12 a hearing in a Local Court to decide whether there is enough evidence to put a person on trial for an indictable (serious) offence
13 a set of legal rules
14 a decision made by the head of state to dissolve both houses of parliament
16 deals with disputes between private citizens
17 a document which sets out how an organisation or a country will be governed
20 a court official who hears cases in the lowest court of law
22 a serious criminal offence
23 to release an accused person who is awaiting trial
24 to treat somebody differently or less favourably because of her or his personal characteristics such as gender, ethnicity or religion
25 rules applicable to people in the armed forces
27 the party bringing a criminal action against the accused; usually the state
29 a group of people (either 12 or six) selected to hear the evidence in a court case
1 a grading system based on order of importance
2 the party in a criminal or civil trial against whom an action has been brought
3 system of law based on the previous decisions of judges, or precedents
4 a previous legal decision that serves as a rule or pattern in future cases
5 a court official who has the power to make decisions on matters brought before a court of law
6 a place where people can resolve disputes relating to law
7 deals with disputes that affect the community
8 laws made by parliaments
9 the standard of proof in civil trials
15 a process to determine whether someone committed a criminal act or caused another person a loss
18 the party that commences a civil action
19 equal opportunity for all people to make use of the legal system
21 traditional indigenous rules that outline the correct way of living
26 disorder or confusion due to the absence of government or laws
28 a civil wrong
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