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Legal Issues Crossword Puzzle

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Legal Issues

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Across Down
2 to stop something from happening or someone from doing something
3 money that is paid to someone by a person or organization who was responsible for causing some injury or loss
5 to make someone realize a possible danger or problem, especially one in the future
7 an argument or disagreement, especially an official one between, for example, workers and employers or two countries with a common border
9 the act of looking at something carefully, or an official visit to a building or organization to check that everything is correct and legal
12 a written legal agreement between an employer and an employee, giving details about the employee's job, pay, working hours, etc.
15 to ask someone who works for you to leave their job, usually after a particular period of time
17 A written document that is official verification that a condition or requirement has, or has not, been met.
18 an illegal plan for making money, especially one that involves tricking people
19 the laws, rules, and principles that are intended to keep people safe from injury or disease at work and in public places
24 the crime of moving money that has been obtained illegally through banks and other businesses to make it seem as if the money has been obtained legally
27 an organization that represents the people who work in a particular industry, protects their rights, and discusses their pay and working conditions with employers
28 to put information, especially your name, into an official list or record
29 official permission for something to happen, or the act of giving someone official permission to do something
31 to start to be used
34 to prepare an agreement in writing
35 to make an object look real or valuable in order to deceive people
1 to (cause something to) end or stop
4 to start to become involved in something, especially an agreement
6 a separate part in a written document such as a legal agreement
8 not guilty of a particular crime
10 kind of agreement intended to make a specified work
11 to give official permission for something to happen, or to give someone official permission to do something
13 contract
14 ways of illegally paying less tax than you should
16 collect
20 a law or formal decision made by a parliament or other group of people who make the laws for their country
21 to take legal action against a person or organization, especially by making a legal claim for money because of some harm that they have caused you
22 an amount of money paid for a particular piece of work or for a particular right or service
23 to make an illegal copy of something in order to deceive (money)
25 responsible for breaking a law
26 the crime of getting money by deceiving people
30 to not give enough care or attention to people or things that are your responsibility
32 to say that someone has done something morally wrong, illegal, or unkind
33 proof
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