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Life Science Crossword Puzzle

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Life Science


          2                 3                      
  8               9                                
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Across Down
2 Cell that has a nucleus
4 Site where ribosomes are made and holds genetic material
8 Organelle not found in all animal cells. Stores water and nutrients
10 Less efficient way of making atp, makes 2 - no oxygen use
12 part of inner framework of the cell that gives it support and makes the cytoskeleton
13 Converts food energy into a usable form called ATP (bean with squiggles)
16 Substance created in chloroplasts (green)
19 Packages up molecules for transportation in or out of the cell
1 Controls functions of the cell (reproduction)
3 Convert light energy into chemical energy called glucose
4 Stores information about the cell
5 Group of microtubules that play a role in reproduction (Animal Cell)
6 Fats and oils
7 Cell does not have a nucleus
9 Boundary of the cell that controls what can enter or leave
11 Provide structural support for plant cell
14 Tiny organelles which are free floating or attached to the Rough E.R. - Site of protein production
15 Semi-liquid material tha fills the cell and supports the organelles. Gel like substance
17 Safely keep chemicals that can harm the cell and carry powerful enzymes for breaking them down. (What comes out of golgi bodies.)
18 Plays a role in repair
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