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Light And Color Crossword Puzzle

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Light and Color

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Across Down
3 A process that makes light with electrical energy is known as ___.
4 Another name for the reflected light model or the subtractive color process is ___.
5 Light containing an equal mix of all colors is ___.
7 A theory used to explain how any color of light may be produced mixing proportions of red, green, and blue light is known as the ___.
9 A material that allows light to pass through without scattering the light would be described as ___.
12 The process that produces light using heat energy is ___.
13 A number indicating how much a material is able to bend light is named the ___.
14 Shiny, mirror surfaces produce images by ___.
15 The process of bending a light ray as it crosses the boundary between two different materials is called ___.
16 A material that allows light to pass through but scatters the light rays would be described as ___.
17 The sensation created by the different energies of light falling on your eye is called ___.
18 A unit of length equal to one-billionth of a meter is a(n)___.
1 Surface reflection that scatters light is called ___ reflection.
2 The entire range of electromagnetic waves, including all possible frequencies is known as the ___.
6 An imaginary line that represent a beam of light is a(n) ___.
8 A single dot that forms part of an image made using many dots is a(n) ___.
10 The smallest possible amount of light is a(n) ___.
11 A form of energy, including all the colors we see, that travels at 300,00 km/s in a vacuum is referred to as ___.
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