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Literary Elements Crossword Puzzle

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Literary Elements

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Across Down
4 The emotions you feel while you are reading. Setting, Tone, and events can all affect this.
5 Word pictures that the author uses to evoke an emotional response in a reader.
6 The flowers danced in the wind.
8 If Mr. Smith didn't follow the school rules, this would be an example of ______________ ________________.
10 When the audience knows the girl is cheating on her test, but the teacher does not know.
12 When Ms. Horton says, 'I just LOVE when my students talk over me!'
13 The main character in a story.
15 If Ms. Horton says, 'I would study these terms! You never know when you'll have a quiz!' in a high pitched voice.
16 When you're upset about something, and you can't stop thinking about it. You do not tell anyone else.
19 When the narrator uses the word 'I' throughout the story, this is ________ ________.
21 When you assume things about a character based on what the author shows you. This is _____________ characterization.
22 If an author tells you, a character has black hair. That is an example of ______________ characterization.
23 An apple is just a food, but it can also represent a teacher or school. This is an example of a ______________.
24 This is conveyed through the author's words and details.
1 The character that opposes the main character.
2 The classroom is a freezer.
3 An author's choice of words, and the arrangement of those words in phrases.
7 If two people were to get into a fight, this would be an example of an _________ ___________.
9 The central idea of the story.
11 If a story takes place at Woodstock High School during the summer. That is the __________ of the story.
14 The school day lasts an eternity!!
17 A conclusion abed on evidence given and your own personal experience.
18 The narrator knows everything there is to know about everyone in the story.
20 The girl is as tall as a tree.
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