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Literary Terms Crossword Puzzle

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Literary Terms

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Across Down
3 a poem of mourning
4 discrepancy between appearances and reality
5 repetition of grammatical form and function
8 unrhymed iambic pentameter
9 emotional overtones attached to a word
12 contrasting ideas in parallel structure
16 word mimics a sound
21 dictionary definition of a word
22 an eight line stanza
23 reference to something in history or literature
24 word choice
25 two consecutive lines of poetry that rhyme
26 exaggeration for effect
28 comparison that doesn't use 'like' or 'as'
1 poetry with no pattern of rhyme or meter
2 repetition of words or phrases at beginning of sentences
6 repetition of consonant sounds at the beginninf of words
7 rough, unmusical language
10 recurring image, word pattern, or character that supports the main theme
11 smooth, musical language
13 a pause or stop within a line of poetry
14 a character who acts as a contrast to another character
15 repetition of consonant sounds not at the beginning of words
17 direct address of an inanimate object
18 opposing words side by side. 'Sweet sorrow'
19 a moment of enlightenment or heightened awareness
20 repetition of vowel sounds
27 contradictory statement that contains some element of truth
28 repeated pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables in poetry
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