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Literary Terms Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Literary Terms

Let's see how many terms you can remember!

        D I A L O G U E                        
    I                 X                        
    N         E   D   P   I R O N Y            
    T         X   I   O     E                  
    E         T   A   S     S                  
    R         E   L   I     O                  
    N         R   E   T   P L O T              
    A   H     N   C   I     U                  
F A L L I N G A C T I O N   T     C L I M A X  
L       S     L       N     I     H            
A       T                   O     A            
S     F O R E S H A D O W I N G   R            
H       R                         A            
B     R I S I N G A C T I O N     C            
A       C                     C   T H E M E    
C       A U T H O R S P U R P O S E            
K       L                     N   R            
        C                     F   S E T T I N G
      P O I N T O F V I E W   L                
        N                     I                
  P R O T A G O N I S T       C                
        E                     T                
    A N T A G O N I S T                        
            E       Y                          
            N       M                          
            R       B                          
            E     T O N E                      
                    I M A G E R Y              
Across Down
1 what one character says to another; when two or more people talk, we call it this
6 when something happens that is the opposite of what you expect; verbal, situational, dramatic
8 the sequence of events in a story and how they relate to each other
10 this is where the problem starts leading to a resolution; also called 'denouement'
11 highest point of tension or action in the story; turning point
12 when something happens that makes us 'anticipate' or gives us clues that something will happen later
13 builds conflict repeatedly; leads UP to the climax of a story
15 the author's message or underlying 'BIG IDEA' they want readers to learn
16 the author's intent or reason for writing the piece
17 the time and place a story occurs; we usually learn this in the beginning
18 the perspective from which a story is told; who is telling the story
19 the main character of a story is called this
20 this is the character or force that goes against the protagonist of a story
23 the author's attitude or expression toward his or her subject matter
24 vivid details and descriptions to help readers picture something; figurative language is a form of this
2 introduces characters, scene, time, and situation at beginning of a story
3 type of conflct that takes place inside of the body--mind decisions
4 type of conflict that takes place outside of the body
5 a form of language that is particular to a region or a group
7 when the loose ends are tied up and the problem gets resolved
9 the social, political, cultural, economic, and environmental situations that influence the events or trends we see happen during that time
10 when a narrator recalls something from the past; they go 'back' to the past and then come to present tense
11 the people or animals in the story; they perform the action of the plot
14 when two opposing forces go against one another; can be internal or external
21 a category; fantasy, fiction, non-fiction, historical fiction are some of the types
22 when a thing represents a larger meaning; it stands for something else
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