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                    F O R K     E                            
                    R           T         G                  
                    E     R     A         R                  
                    T     H     P         A W R Y            
                    N     Y     H A T H   C                  
          G         O     M     O         I                  
          A         T A P E S T R I E S   O   I              
    A U D I E N C E     E                 U   N              
          T     H     T R E A C H E R O U S   G              
      F         A       S                     R              
  S C O R N F U L L Y   O N O M A T O P O E I A              
      R         L       N                     T       H      
      G       B E N E D I C I T E             E       A      
      E         N       F                             R      
                G     F I E O N T H E E   H U M A N I T Y    
G R O T E S Q U E       C                     A              
  E       M     D       A L L I T E R A T I O N              
  F       A       D O S T                     U              
  R       R             I         B       H   S I M I L E    
  A       T           C O N F I D E N T L Y   C              
  I                     N         F   I   P   R E T R I E V E
  N                               U   S   E   I              
                                  D       R   P              
                            N     D       B   T              
                      D E V O U T L Y     O                  
                            U     E       L                  
                            G     D     F E E T              
Across Down
2 A place where a road or river divides
5 Middle English for wrong
6 Middle English for has or have
8 Heavy cloths woven with rich, colorful designs or scenes
11 A formal interview with someone in power
13 Very dangerous
15 In a way that shows something or someone is full of contempt or disdain
16 Words that spell out sounds; words that sound like what they mean
18 Middle English for bless you
19 Middle English for shame on you
20 The group that contains all the people in the world
22 Deformed or unnatural looking
25 The repetition of the initial letter or sound in two or more words in a line
26 Middle English for do
29 comparison using like or as
30 In a way that shows you are sure of yourself and your abilities
32 Find and carry back
34 Om a very religious way
35 The length of a line of poetry is measured in metrical units called ____________
1 comparison not using like or as
2 Middle English for don't worry
3 Well-mannered and pleasant
4 The repetition of sounds
7 The way someone walks
9 Giving human characteristics to inanimate objects, ideas, or animals
10 An ungrateful person
12 Ordered to halt and be identified
14 A place where metal is heated and hammered into shape
17 A male deer after it is 5 years old
21 A typed or handwritten document
23 The repetition of one or more phrases or lines at the end of a stanza
24 Sting
27 Confused or bewildered
28 An exaggeration for the sake of emphasis
31 Middle English for it is
33 Middle English for nothing
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