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Lord OF The Flies Crossword Puzzle

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Lord of the Flies

Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
3 A heavy boy who wears glasses and has asthma.
5 He kills Piggy by rolling a boulder down Castle Rock.
6 Jack paints his face with this.
7 He is voted to be the leader of the boys at the beginning of the book.
8 The rocky area to the east of the island.
11 The name given to the younger boys on the island.
12 This object is used to kill Piggy.
13 On top of the mountain, the boys mistake this of being the beast.
15 Simons insight of the beast on the island.
18 The name created for both of the twins.
21 He only cared about hunting and created a tribe to rival against Ralph's.
23 He is attacked and killed when trying to spread the news of what the beast really was.
1 The name of the area where the boys plane had crashed.
2 The shape of the meeting place.
4 This is used to start the fires on the island.
7 Jack loses interest in being _____.
9 The weather on the island before Simon was killed.
10 The name given to the older boys on the island.
14 The 'imaginary' thing that the boys are afraid of.
16 What Jacks group is slowly becoming.
17 Ralph realizes that a leader needs this.
19 He rescued the boys on the island at the end of the book.
20 This is used to summon the boys for meetings and gives the right to speak when held.
22 The animal the Jack and his tribe brutally kill.
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