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Lunch Money Crossword Puzzle

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Lunch Money

                          3   4                      
          5                       6 7                
14                                   15                
                    18             19                  
              20         21   22         23              
Across Down
2 when you trust that something will be there when you need it
6 a story originating in oral tradtion
8 the sense of someone else's feelings as if you were in the character's shoes
10 a repetition of initial, or beginning
11 feeling unable to connect and relate to surronding people
12 a figure of speech in which an inanimate object is given human characteristics
13 a word or phrase that has become overly familiar or common place
14 the power to see or think of things in their true relationship to each other.
15 the parets of a literary work that represents conversation
16 the story of a person's life written by himself or herself
17 The particular force or cause, of an event or sequence of events that is its effect or outcome
20 the use of clues to give readers a hint of events that will occur later on
25 a regionel variety of a language, usually transmitted orally and differing distinctly from the standard language
1 steal someone else's words without using quotation marks
3 story like rather than pure fact
4 a formal acknowledgement of the source of your info. to formally list the sources of your research
5 to examine or judge carefully
7 when something is viewed as less successful, less important, or less impressive than what it is being compared to
9 the art of using good judgement to identify whether a source is valid or accurate
18 when something has not been given proper care or attention
19 the story of a person's life written by someone other than the subject of the work
21 something that is extremely large in size or amount
22 when a building has been torn or knocked down, often because it is old or dangerous
23 a category used to classify literary works, usually by form, technique or content
24 any story that is the product of imagination rather than fact
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