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Lymphatic System Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Lymphatic System

                            T     M   T          
                            O     A   H          
                            N     R   Y   S     L
                            S     R   M   W     Y
              L Y M P H A T I C N O D U L E S   M
              Y             L     W   S   L     P
R E D B O N E M A R R O W   S             L     H
              P                       L   I     N
            T H O R A C I C D U C T   Y   N     O
              A                       M   G     D
              T                       P         E
              I N G U I N A L L Y M P H N O D E S
              C O N N E C T I V E T I S S U E    
              A                                 I
              P E Y E R P A T C H E S           M
              I                                 M
          S   L Y M P H A T I C V E S S E L S   U
          P   L                                 N
          L   A                                 I
          E   R I G H T L Y M P H A T I C D U C T
          E   I                         H       Y
        U N D E R A R M R E G I O N     I        
              S                         C        
Across Down
6 Concentrations of lymphoid tissue that arenít surrounded by a capsule.
7 Lymphatic organ produces all types of blood cells.
9 Empties lymph into the left subdivision vein.
10 Part of the lymph nodes cleans lymph and alerts the immune system to pathogens.
11 Tissue that forms a capsule and divides a lymph node into compartments.
13 What encounters pathogens that enter the body by the way of the intestinal tract?
15 Takes lymph to cardiovascular veins in the shoulders
16 Empties lymph into the right subdivision vein.
18 Where the axillary lymph nodes are located
1 Where B cells mature.
2 This helps prevent pathogens from entering through the mouth and nose.
3 Cleanses cellular blood
4 What happens to the lymph nodes when they are fighting infection?
5 Filters lymph
6 Absorbs excess interstitial fluid and returns it to the bloodstream.
8 Fluid inside of lymphatic vessels.
12 The capability of killing foreign substances, pathogens, and cancer cells from the body.
14 Cleanses the blood of cellular debris and bacteria.
17 What infection can causes all your nodes to swell?
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