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Lymphatic System Crossword Puzzle

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Lymphatic System

                                                            11         12  
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Across Down
1 triggered by the release of a flood of histamine when IgE antibodies bind to mast cells
2 an immuneresponse involving the binding of penicillin to blood protiens
3 severe inpairment of kidney function
4 marked deficit of both B-cells and T-cells
5 tissue taken from a person that isn't genetically identical
6 occurs when allergen directly enters the blood stream
7 destroys the white matter of the brain and spinal cord
8 thyroid gland produces excessive amounts of thyroxine
9 systemically destroys joints
10 body produces antibodies and sensitized T-cells that attack and damage its own tissues
13 impairs communication between nerves and skeletal muscles
15 a systemic disease that ocurrs mainly in young women and affects the kidneys, heart, lungs and skin
1 example would be skin contact reaction with poison ivy
11 abnormally vigorous immune response that fights off a percieved 'threat' that would normally be considered harmless
12 cripples the immune system by interfering with the activity of helper T-cells
14 tissue grafts harvested from a different animal species
16 destroys pancreatic beta cells, resulting in deficient production of insulin
17 tissue grafts donated by a genetically identical person
18 a mixture of dead or dying neutrophils, broken-down tissue cells, and dead and living pathogens
19 tissue transplanted from one site to another in the same person
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