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Lympthatic System Crossword Puzzle

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Lympthatic System

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Across Down
4 a group of proteins in plasma and other body fluids
5 mass of lymphoid tissue
7 microscopic closed-ended tubes
8 globular plasma proteins that function as antibodies
9 antibody-producing cell that forms when activated B cells proliferate
11 to the affects of specific disease-causing agents
12 blood vessels and nerves join a lymph node through the indented region of the node called the what
13 prevent entry of some infectious agents
14 tissue response to injury or infection, producing localized redness, swelling, heat, and pain
15 antigens that trigger allergic responses
19 when an organism develops a set of disease that is unique to it
21 the structural units of the lymph node
23 the spaces within the node, provide a provide a complex network of chambers and channels through which lymph circulates
1 inside lymphatic capillaries
2 that produces and secrete antibodies that blind and destroy foreign substances
3 a protein that B cells of the immune system produce in response to the presence of a nonself antigen
4 the attack of t cells and their secreted products on foreign cells
6 small molecule that combines with a larger one, forming an antigen
10 thick fluid caused by bacteria infections
16 cells that leave the thymus and provide immunity
17 substance that includes antigens that stimulate an immune response against a particular pathogen
18 a disease-causing agent
20 group of cells that originate from a single cell and are therefore genetically identical
22 a soft, bilobed structure enclosed in a connective tissue capsule and located anterior to the aorta and posterior to the upper part of sternum
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