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Across Down
3 This is the direction to the North Magnetic Pole.
4 This is the point where all the longitude lines meet.
7 Little dots or triangles with a number next to them; show the exact height of a mountain.
8 Lines on the map which connect places at the same height.
9 This is the direction along a longitude line to the North Geographic Pole.
10 Areas of different height are shown by bands of different colors.
11 This is the point where the compass needle points to. It is in Northern Canada and it moves.
13 Draws the shadows of mountains.
14 This map is a thematic map as well. It gives detailed information about how the land is used in a town or city.
1 This map gives information about a certain topic or “theme”, such as farming or industry.
2 This map shows the most important features of the landscape, like the height of the land, large rivers, the main towns and the most important roads and railways.
3 The difference between true north and magnetic north is called...
5 This map shows countries and capital cities in different colors. They may also show parts of countries, such as provinces, counties or states.
6 This map is a special type of thematic map. It shows how people earn their living.
12 It is a special instrument to find north.
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