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Marketing Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
1 costumers who perches goods and serves for personal use
2 tangible items that have monetary value and satisfy your needs and wants
3 a groupe of people identified these most likely to become costomers
5 Businesses should satisfy costumers needs and wants while marketing a profit
6 the 4 basic marketing stratigescalled the 4Ps Places, Product, Price, and Promotion
7 a company's percentage of total sale value generated by all compeition in a give market
9 businesses that buy products to use in their own use in the operations also called business to business marlet
11 the process of planning pricing and promoting selling and distributing products to satisfy customers meeds and wants
1 a list of information about a target market such as age, income level, ethnicity occupations, attitudes, life style, and geographic residentes
4 a tribute of a product or service that makes it capable of satisfying costumers needs and wants
8 intangible items of monitary value that satisfy needs and wants
10 people who share the similar needs and wants are capeible of buying products
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