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Martin Luther King JR Crossword Puzzle

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Martin Luther King Jr

Find eacan h word that describes Martin Luther King Jr

                  1                 2           3      
              4                           5            
                      6         7   8                  
10                                             11        
          13     14                                      
15             16                 17                      
        21           22                                  
      24                 25                              
Across Down
8 and person who is strong shows _______
9 a act of being truthful
11 showing the action of bravery
14 showing intellengence
15 a person who does not brag
16 showing or knowing your history
18 an act of being not violent
19 superman is ________
21 showing ability to understand and share their feelings
23 showing kindness
24 an act of showing care
25 being a nice person that shows nice qualities
26 A person who dreams
1 feeling or showing love
2 have a passion for something
3 helps our country like our dad
4 Last name of martin_______King Jr
5 a hero acts
6 showing a judge
7 showing general feelings
10 a presentation you give in front of an audience to express your feelings about something
12 All people have
13 The act of being free
17 a person who leads
20 A person planning for the future
21 a person with an education
22 the act of being treated equal
26 at night when you go to bed you have
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