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Masque OF The Red Death Crossword Puzzle

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Masque of the Red Death

5           6                        
      13           14                  
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Across Down
5 To wet with or as if with dew.
7 Those that improvise, like actors or poets.
8 A candlestick with multiple branches allowing it to hold a number of candles.
9 Illusion, ghost, a product of fantasy, a mental representation of a real object.
10 Having or showing keen discernment, sound judgment, and farsightedness. Shrewd.
12 Having battlements and high walls like a castle.
13 Clothing. The dress characteristic of an occupation or occasion.
15 Clowns, ludicrous figures.
1 A famous play written in 1830 by French dramatist Victor Hugo. The play was classified as “Romantic” and was opposed by people who were referred to as “Classicists”
2 An old spelling of “avatar”, an incarnation in human form. Today, avatars are graphic representation of people in chat rooms or online forums.
3 Propriety and good taste in conduct or appearance.
4 A wild party or celebration.
6 Condemnation. The act or state of disapproving.
11 the King of Judea around the time of Christ's birth (0 BC). He was known for his extravagance, violence and cruelty. He executed his wife after she had 5 of his children. He was in the Bible.
14 Actor, one who goes merrymaking in disguise during festivals.
16 A lavish often outdoor entertainment, a large elaborate party.
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