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                      U S E L O G I C A L R E A S O N I N G  
      M A K E A M O D E L                                    
                        A L G E B R A I C E X P R E S S I O N
W O R K B A C K W A R D S                                    
                        M A K E A N O R G A N I Z E D L I S T
                    U S E A V E N N D I A G R A M            
              F I N D A P A T T E R N                        
                    I S O L A T E T H E V A R I A B L E      
        M A K E A T A B L E           G                      
                        E   D         U                      
                    N U M E R I C A L E X P R E S S I O N    
                            A         S       X     N        
                            W         S       P     T        
                            A         A       O     E        
                            D         N       N     G        
                            I         D       E     E        
                            A         T       N     R        
                            G         E       T     S        
                            R         S                      
                            A         T                      
Across Down
1 certain problems give you facts and information you have to use to find a solution
3 you do this by using similar objects as in the problem to find the solution
4 an expression that contains at least one variable
5 to do this you have to start at the end of the problem and work towards the beginning
6 is helpful to use this when you are solving a problem where you have to find out how many different ways an event can happen
7 this is used to display relationships amongs sets in a problem
8 in some problems there is a relationship between diffrent pieces of information and you do what?
9 getting a variable alone on one side of an equation or inequality in order to solve the equation
10 a way to organize information
13 an expression with only numbers and expressions
2 solving a problem similar to the original problem
11 if you don't understand then you do this then find the correct awnser
12 you can do this to understand the problem easier
14 the number that indicates how many times the base number is multiplyed by itself
15 a set of whole numbers and their opposites
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