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                                  5   6                  
                                          8           9  
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                    23     24     25                        
Across Down
7 Standard metric unit used to measure large areas.
9 The time between midday and midnight.
10 An area of maths where numbers are represented by letters.
13 The time between midnight and midday.
15 A polygon with 4 sides.
17 The number above the line of a fraction.
18 The amount of space occupied by a 3D object measuring in cubic units.
19 The same way hands move around on a clock.
20 An instrument used to measure angles.
21 Standard metric unit for measuring distance.
22 A triangle with 2 equal sides and 2 equal angles.
23 One complete turn through 360 degrees.
1 When two numbers are multiplied together.
2 The distance across from side to side.
3 One of 4 equal parts.
4 A drawing or diagram used to represent information.
5 The distance around the outside of a shape.
6 When one half is a mirror image of the other side.
8 Lines that are the same distance apart.
9 A repeated design or recurring sequence.
11 Having the same amount of weight on either side.
12 To join 2 or more numbers.
14 An instrument that shows direction.
16 The opposite way hands move around on a clock.
20 A number that has exactly 2 factors.
23 The distance from the centre of a circle to the circumference.
24 A polygon with 8 sides.
25 The sum or whole number amount.
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