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Match the definition with the word

                      1   2                                
                              3       4   5                
              7                   8           9            
                    11 12                                    
          13   14                                            
      15               16                                    
      18                       19                            
                          22         23                      
24             25                                            
                  27             28                          
                            30         31                    
                  32             33                          
Across Down
1 the number most seen
7 the number you divide with
9 a eight-sided figure
10 the art of writing numbers
11 used to measure lenths
16 a number that can only be multiplied by one and its self
17 a six-sided figure
18 the art or reading numbers
20 a mathematical branch that uses letters and other symbols to represent unknown numbers
21 A whole number and a fraction
23 the middle
24 the average
25 the process of finding the difference between two numbers
26 How heavy something is
29 a quicker way to add equal numbers
31 the numbers bring multiplied
32 the bottom number of a fraction
34 the answer to an division problem
35 happens once a year
36 a mathematical sentence that uses the equal sign to show that two expressions are equal
2 the answer to a subtraction problem
3 the top number in a fraction
4 the small number to the upper right of the bass number
5 the distance around the polygon
6 any number that is not prime
8 the greatest number to the lower number
12 the numerator is more than the denominator
13 the study of space which involves the measuring of shapes
14 the amount of time it takes the earth to revolve around the sun
15 a five-sided figure
19 the measuring of passing events
20 the process of putting like numbers together
22 least common multiple
27 the answer to an addition problem
28 greatest common factor
30 the process of finding how many times a numbers contained inside another number
31 a part of a whole
32 the number you divide into
33 the science of numbers
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