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Across Down
2 A number of the form p/q, where p and q are positive integers, is called a __________ number.
5 The standard or basic unit of mass is _____________.
9 If you divide 5 by 8, the quotient 0.625 is called a _________________ decimal.
10 When multiply powers with the same base, what do you do to the powers?
11 Both the positive and negative are called ______________ numbers.
12 Directed numbers are also called_____________ numbers.
14 What is the term used when a number is one less than a given integer?
17 What type of fraction is 4 1/3?
18 Is every integer a rational numbers?
19 Zero is_____________ than every positive integer.
1 The reciprocal of an improper fraction is a______________ fraction.
3 Addition and multiplication are ______________ for intergers.
4 On dividing a decimal number by 1000. We shift the decimal point 3 places_________ .
6 What is another term used for the reciprocal?
7 Decimals having different number of decimal places are called ___________ decimals.
8 The sign of the product of 23 negative integers and 7 positive integer is__________ .
13 Is 4/-7 greater or less than -5/7?
14 If the dividend and divisor are both positive or negative, the quotient is___________.
15 If power 2 is called a square, then what is power 3 called?
16 If the integers p and q have no common divisor other than 1 and q is positive, then the rational number p/q is said to be in _________________.
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