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Math Terms Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Math Terms

Solve the crossword.

P R O D U C T     S U M                
      I             O                  
      V             T                  
M E D I A N         I           P      
      D             E           E      
      E     S       N           M      
    I N E Q U A L I T Y         D      
      D     B                   A     I
            T           D I V I S I O N
  D I F F E R E N C E   I             T
            A           V             E
    F       C         D I V I S O R   G
    A D D I T I O N     S             E
    C       I       M   I   F         R
    T   W H O L E N U M B E R          
    O       N       L   L   A          
    R               T   E   C          
                    I       T          
                    P   P R I M E      
                    L       O          
                  M E A N   N          
Across Down
2 the answer to a multiplication problem
4 the answer to an addition problem
5 a number that represents the middle value of a list of numbers
8 not equal
10 arithmetic operation of dividing one number into another
11 the answer to a subtraction problem
13 the number in a division problem by which the dividend is divided
14 the process of unitin two or more numbers into a sum
17 a number without a fraction or decimal
18 a number that can only be divided evenly by 1 and itself
19 an average calculated by taking the sum of a group of numbers and dividing by the count of the numbers
1 the answer to a division problem
3 the number in division that is to be divided, or broken, into equal parts
6 the order in which a problem with more than one operation is solved
7 reducing one number by another number
9 a natural number (positive, negative or zero) that can be written without fractions or decimals
10 capable of being divided evenly without leaving a remainder
12 numbers that form a product when multiplied together
15 the product of multiplying by a whole number
16 a numerical representation that represents part of a whole usually written with a line drawn between two numbers
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