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Math Terms Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Math Terms

                                            P O S T U L A T E                
                                        C       E             V E R T E X    
                                    A   O   C   G         C   E              
                                    D   N   O   M     I   O   R              
                              D     J   T   P   E     N   U   T              
                  I N V E R S E     A   R   L   N     T   N   I              
                              F     C   A   A   T     E   T   C O N V E R S E
                              I     E   P   N   B     R   E   A              
                              N     N   O   A   I     S   R   L              
                      C O N V E X   T   S   R   S     E   E   A              
                N             D     A   I   P   E     C   X   N G O N        
            M   E     P O I N T     N   T   O   C     T   A   G              
    P       E   G             E     G   I   I   T     I   M   L              
C   O       A   A             R     L   V   N   O     O   P   E              
O   L       S   T         C O M P L E M E N T A R Y A N G L E S              
O   Y       U   I         O   S     S       S             E                  
R E G U L A R P O L Y G O N                                                  
D   O       E   N         D E D U C T I V E R E A S O N I N G                
I   N                     I                                                  
N     L I N E S E G M E N T                                                  
A                         I N D U C T I V E R E A S O N I N G                
T           D             O                                                  
E           I         C O N G R U E N T S E G M E N T S     S                
            S             A                             A   I                
            T         P   L                             N   D                
            A         L   S U P P L E M E N T A R Y A N G L E S              
            N         A   T                     A       L   S                
            C O L L I N E A R P O I N T S       Y       E     L              
      M     E         E   T                                   I              
      I                   E Q U I L A N G U L A R P O L Y G O N              
  U N D E F I N E D T E R M                                   E              
      P                   E Q U L I A T E R A L P O L Y G O N                
      O       I           N                 N     P       B                  
      I   C O N G R U E N T A N G L E S     G     P       T                  
      N   O   D   I   N     C     I   T     L     O       U                  
      T   N   I   G   D     U     N   R     E     S       S                  
          J   R   H   P     T     E   A     B     I       E                  
          E   E   T   O     E     A   I     I     T       A                  
          C   C   A   I     A     R   G     S     E       N                  
          T   T   N   N     N     P   H     E     R       G                  
          U   P   G   T     G     A   T     C     A       L                  
          R   R   L   S     L     I   A     T     Y       E                  
          E   O   E         E     R   N     O     S                          
              O                       G     R                                
              F                       L                                      
                                  S K E W L I N E S                          
Across Down
1 Rule that is accepted without proof.
4 The endpoint of an angle.
10 In conditional statement, switch the hypothesis and conclusion.
11 Where you switch the hypothesis and conclusion in and conditional statement.
12 No line that contains a side of the polygon contains a point in the interior of the polygon.
14 N is the number of a polygon's sides. can also be used to name a polygon.
16 Has no dimension. It is represented by a dot.
19 The sum of these type of angles measure ninty degrees.
20 A convex polygon that is both equilateral and equilangluar.
21 Uses facts, definitions, accepted properties, and the laws of logic to form a logical arguement.
22 Consists of endpoints.
23 When you find a pattern in specific cases and then write a conjecture for the general case.
25 Line segments that have the same length.
29 The sum of these angles measure one hundred eighty degrees.
31 Points that lie on the same line.
34 All angles in the interior of a polygon are congruent.
35 Terms that don't have a formal definition, but have an agreement about what they mean.
36 All sides are congruent on a polygon.
41 Angles that have the same measure.
47 Lines that do not intersect and are not coplanar.
2 A point, ray, line, line segment, or plane that intersects the segment at its midpoint.
3 In a conditional statement, write the converse and then negate both the hypothesis and conclusion.
4 Angles whose sides form two pairs of opposite rays.
5 Two angles that share a common vertex and side, but have no common interial points.
6 Points that lie in the same plane.
7 A specific case for which the conjecture is false.
8 Two or more geometrical figures that intersect if they have one or more points in common.
9 Terms that can be described using known words such as point or line.
13 The opposite of the original stament.
15 Equal to the absolute value of the difference between the real numbers.
17 Closed plane figure that is formed by three or more line segments called sides. Each iside ntersects exactly two sides, one at each endpoint, so that no two sides with a common endpoint are collinear.
18 The real number that corresponds to a point.
19 A logical statement that has two parts, a hypothesis and a conclusion.
24 The absolute value of the differnce of the coordinates.
26 The rays of an angle.
27 Consists of two different rays with the same endpoint.
28 Has two dimensions. It is represented by a shape that looks like a floor or a wall, but it extends without end.
30 Consists of one endpoint and continues on infinitely the opposite way.
32 Has one dimension. It is represented by a line with two arrowheads, but it extends without end.
33 The point that divides the segment into two congruent segments.
37 A ray that divides an angle into two angles that are congruent.
38 Two rays with a common endpoint that point in opposite directions and form a straight line.
39 Angle that measures greather than ninty degrees, but less than one hundred and eighty degress.
40 A prood where you start with the temporary assumtion that the desired conclusion is false, then in the end, prove the orginal statement true by contradiction.
41 An unproven statement that is based on observations.
42 Angel that measure ninty degrees.
43 Points that are at the beginning and end of a line segment.
44 Angle that measures more than zero degrees, but less than ninty degrees.
45 Two adjacent angles whose noncommon sides are opposite rays.
46 Angle that measures one hundred and eighty degrees.
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