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Math Vocabulary Words Crossword Puzzle

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Math Vocabulary Words

                        1                                         2
                                            3                 4    
                      13                             14   15          
                      23   24       25   26         27                  
Across Down
7 The product of squaring a whole number
8 To find the value of a numberic expression by following the order of operations
9 a translation, reflecton, or combination of the two
11 Algebraic equation or expressions that yield the same solutionor values
12 The product when a number is multiplied by itself
13 A sequence of numbers that have a constant rate of change between each pair of consecutive numbers
16 A factor of a number that, when squared, equals the original number
17 Two-dimensional system with a horizontal and vertical axisthata intersect at the origin and lie in a plane creating four Quadrants (I, II, III, IV) where an ordered pair (x, y) or (horizontal, vertical) is used to describe the location of a specific
18 The distance between a number and zero
19 The opposite of a whole number
20 The number that gets multiplied
21 The two-dimensional top, front, and side view of a three-dimensional
23 All corresponding angles are congruent and the lengths of the corresponding sides are proportional
28 The view of a three-dimensional figure down from the top
29 The amount you want to divide up
1 A symbol, usually a letter, used to represnt an unknown value
2 A mathematical representations consisting of symbols, operators, and/or varibles to indicate operations to be performed on a group of numbers according to the order of operations
3 The number you divide by
4 A transformation frequently described as a slide; congruence is maintained, as well as orientation to the original object
5 Symbols used in pairs to group things together
6 A whole number and its opposite whose sum is zero
7 The set of numbers that includes whole numbers, positive fractions, and positive decimals
10 Two equivalent ratios
14 Term in a sequence represented by, and found, using an algebraic expression that describes the relationship between the two varibles in the problem
15 A mathematical sentence composed of algebraic expressions set equal to each other
22 The view of a three-dimensional figure looking from the front
24 The number you are multiplying by
25 A transformation frequently described as a flip; congruence is maintained and the orientation is a mirror image
26 The set of whole numbers and thier opposites
27 The view of a three-dimensional figure from the side
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