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Matter Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
6 substance composed of two or more elements or compounds which are not chemically combine
8 interaction between elements, which are metallic
10 gases that are the most stable form of elements
11 type of mixture that is uniform in properties and composition throughout
12 separate solid (residue) and liquid (filtrate)
13 depends on the amount of matter present in a sample
15 to separate magnetic materials from non magnetic
18 compounds that do not contain carbon
20 possesses the characteristics of both metal and non metal
23 the molecules are much larger than colloids and will settle out on standing
26 properties which can be measured and observed
27 a good conductor of heat and electricity
28 compounds that contain carbon which comes from living sources
29 an electrolyte that yields neither hydrogen or hydroxide from the dissolve molecules
1 consist of oxygen and other element
2 An ionized form of gases composed of charged particles.
3 Everything of which the world is made.
4 Substance that is perfectly uniform and definite in composition, can either be an element or a compound.
5 Take the shape of the container
7 do not depend on the amount of matter
9 contains two or more elements or kinds of atoms combined chemically in definite proportion by mass, can be separated by chemical means only
11 a mixture consists of two or more phases
14 formed by a transfer of electrons between a metal or non metal atoms
16 non ductile, non malleable, do not shine
17 sharing of electrons between non-metals
19 contain hydrogen which is replaceable by a metal
21 contain a metal with hydroxyl group
22 possess tyndal effect with Brownian movement
24 homogeneous mixture of two or more substances
25 simplest form of a substance that cannot be decomposed by simple chemical means, contains only one kind of atom.
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