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May Bird And The Ever After Crossword Puzzle

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May Bird and the Ever After

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Across Down
4 What animal does the Bogeyman use to guard the Book of the Dead?
6 Who is May's brave guardian?
7 Who is May's enemy in the Ever After?
9 What state is Briery Swamp located in?
10 What does Captain Fabbio use to escape the Bogey?
13 What was Lucious squirted with that sent him to the south?
14 What do Arista and Pumpkin use to get May to the undertaker?
19 Who lives in a giant house shaped like a beehive?
20 May falls through a ______ into the Ever After
1 What are the few living people that have ever seen the Ever After called?
2 What house spirit helps May Bird through the lake and to the book of the dead?
3 Where is the boarding school May's mother threatens to send her at?
5 What book holds the answers to everything in the universe?
8 What character trait does May use when describing Somber Kitty?
11 When May pretends to be a Warrior Princess what does she collect that would be worthless to anyone else?
12 May finds a hidden letter in an old post office from 1951. Who is it somehow addressed to?
15 Where does the lady live that no ghost is willing to go?
16 What does May tie to herself when she thinks she can fly off her mom's car?
17 How many people has Briery Swamp lost to mysterious causes?
18 How many times did May go through the lake beyond the Endless Briers?
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