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Mechanism Crossword Puzzle

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Design and Technology - Mechanism

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Across Down
3 A m________ system is used to change one kind of movement into another.
4 A pantograph mechanism is an example of changing d________ of movement.
5 L__________ movement is movement in a straight line.
6 O__________ movement is movement backwards and forwards in the arc of circle
9 T________ of motion is to change the place of movement from one place to another place.
11 An o________ loop control system has no feedback so that it cannot respond to changes in the environment.
12 The p________ converts the INPUT movement ot the OUTPUT movement.
14 A c_________ loop control system can respond to changes in the environment using feedback from within the system
15 A glue stick c_______ circular motion to linear motion. (Conversion of motion)
1 B_______ gears change the direction of movement through 90 degree.
2 R__________ movement backwards and forwards along a straight line.
7 A b________ has a mechanism to turn the rear wheel when the pedals are rotated.
8 Basic function of mechanism is to help us to move and c_____ things.
10 The mechanism in a s_______ makes it easy to lift a heavy car with just the force from a hand.
11 The o_________ is the movement that happens as a result of the INPUT.
13 A clock mechanism contains gears to control the s________ of the second, minute and hour hand.
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