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Media Representations Crossword Puzzle

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Media Representations

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Across Down
1 Word beginning with 'd' which relates to how media audiences interpret messages and ideologies in representations in different ways
3 G___________: theorist behind the theory of identity.
4 A single representation of an ethnic minority character amongst a white cast can be seen as...t_________________
5 What the producers of a representation want the audience to think or feel: P______________ reading
6 Beginning with 'm' - the process of selecting and combining elements of media language to construct a representation.
7 A media product which is open to a variety of interpretations and responses can be be described as p_____________
9 A male dominated society
11 Media producers e________ messages and ideologies within representations
12 A movement which seeks to challenge patriarchy
2 A type of representation beginning with 'c' which seeks to challenge stereotypes
8 V____ Z_________: Theorist who focuses on the objectification of women in products produced within a patriarchal media
10 Stuart H____, theorist who stated powerful media producers use media language to 'fix' meanings in representations and construct stereotypes of 'different' or 'other' social groups
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