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Medieval Kingdoms IN Europe Crossword Puzzle

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Medieval Kingdoms in Europe

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Across Down
2 iron plow
8 to make possible
9 the great charter
10 middle class
11 a manner of accomplishing a task using technical processes, methods, or knowledge
13 the representative government that emerged, it was composed of two knights from every county
16 an original or official paper that gives proof of support to
17 the grant of land that a lord made to a vassal
1 a man who served a lord in a military capacity
3 a uniform system of law that developed in England based on court decisions and on customs and usage rather than on written law codes
4 code of ethics that knights were supposed to uphold
5 a land or property with a large house
6 special type of warrior; he was armed and armored
7 set of unwritten rules
12 a new political and social system
14 an agricultural estate that a lord ran and peasants worked
15 a person legally bound to the land they worked
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