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Memory And Smell Crossword Puzzle

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Memory and Smell

Carefully read each clue and complete the crossword word below.

            4     5                        
10                                         11
12   13                                      
              18   19   20       21            
Across Down
6 the period of your life when you change from being a child to being a young adult
8 an event or situation that can be seen to happen or exist
9 immediate
12 describing what has already been done or decided, without repeating the details
14 talking, thinking, or writing about enjoyable experiences in your past
15 a smell that is strong but pleasant
16 medical treatment in which someone talks to a psychoanalyst about their feelings in order to understand their own behaviour better, or to solve their mental problems
17 happening or done at the same time
18 relating to your sense of smell
1 emotionally disturbing or distressing / relating to or denoting physical injury
2 having a disability of a specified kind
3 the murder of large numbers of people belonging to a particular race
4 to cause a reaction, especially an angry one
5 a mental illness caused by having or seeing a very frightening experience, for example fighting in a war
6 (of a written work) dealing with the writer's own life
7 to perform magic tricks in order to entertain people, especially tricks using quick hand movements
10 walked or stepped (on something)
11 Causing avoidance of a thing, situation, or behavior by using an unpleasant or punishing stimulus, as in techniques of behavior modification
13 a thing said or done that serves as a signal to an actor or other performer to enter or to begin their speech or performance
18 a smell, especially one that is unpleasant
19 cloth, especially when it is used for making things such as clothes or curtains or the roof and walls of a building
20 make (an idea, impression, or feeling) known or understandable to someone
21 a strong feeling of wanting something very much, especially something that you know you may not be able to have
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