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Microbiology Crossword Puzzle

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Complete the microbiology crossword below.

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1 These are found in extreme habitats and now have their own Domain.
4 Parasites that do not have structures for movement (classified as a protozoan).
6 Plant-like protists that use photosynthesis and are unicellular or multicellular.
10 A zooflagellate that causes the African sleeping sickness.
11 A medicine that destorys or weakens microorganisms thatcause infecions or diseases.
12 A reproduction method that uses cloning to replicate bacterial cells
13 An infectious virus that uses a host cell to replicate itself.
14 An injection that contains antigens (slow acting but long lasting)
16 A type of immunity when most of the population gets vaccinated so viruses do not get easily spread.
18 Bacteria in a sphere shape is called this.
19 Tiny hairs that beat in unison to swim throght water.
20 Fungus-like protists that are single celled.
2 Most bacteria species that humans encounter everyday are in this kingdom.
3 A parisite that is spread by mosquitoes that causes malaria.
5 The word comes from the latin word 'poison' and are agrued whether they are considered living things.
7 Developed in 1884 and is the most used technique to study bacteria by dividing them into two groups.
8 Animal-like protists, that are unicellular, heterotrophic and most have structures for movement.
9 A virus reproducting cycle that stays in the genome and continues to get copied until triggered.
11 An injection that contains antibodies )fast acting but short lasting)
15 A virus reproducting cycle that is fast and results in the infected cell bursting.
17 An infectious disease contracted by female mosquitos.
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