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Microbiology Crossword Puzzle

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Complete the crossword below

                  1                       2              
                          3   4               5          
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Across Down
9 A process of reproduction that involves 1 parent and produces a genetically identical offspring
10 A microorganism that causes disease
12 A disease that can be passes from one organism to another
13 A pathogen that consist of a microscopic core of genetic material surrounded by a protein coating
14 A kind of asexual reproduction the most common
15 The way disease is spread
16 To make something impure
17 The way to not get a disease
19 A living thing that cannot be seen without a microscope
20 A drug that kills bacteria or slows their growth
21 The study of microscopic organisms
1 An organism that lives in or on another organism and benefits at the other organism's expense
2 An out rake of a disease that affects many people in an area
3 A living cell invaded by a parasite
4 A weakened or dead pathogen that causes an organisms to develop immunity against that pathogen
5 One celled prokaryotes, some of which can cause disease
6 A one or many celled organism such as mushroom, yeast, or mold
7 An organism that transmits a disease
8 Able to spread easily
9 The ability of bacteria and other microorganism to resist the effects of an antibiotic
11 A disease that spreads around the world
18 The ability of an organism to resist disease
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