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Microbiology Crossword Puzzle

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Determine the words that are associated with each hint. For names, only use the last name.

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Across Down
3 an antibiotic that breaks the linkage of the pentapeptide bridge in gram positive cells
5 a microbial parasite that does harm to the host (generally used in the context of disease or infection); a disease-causing organism
6 the presence of microorganism on inanimate objects or surfaces of the skin
7 the incidence of disease in the population
8 The Father of Microbiology (Last name only)
10 If flagella are distributed all over the cell it is said to be
11 the process of heating food, usually liquid to a specific temperature for a predefined length of time,then immediately cooling it after it is removed from the heat. This process slows spoilage due to microbial growth in the food.
15 species of microbes that are always present on or in another organism
17 the stage in the progression of an infectious disease when the organism enters and begins to grow in the host
18 A cell without a peptidoglycan wall that comes from gram positive cells and consist only of a membrane
19 the ability of an organism to inflict damage on a host; an organism's ability to cause disease
20 the science of the incidence, distribution and spread of disease in a community
1 a measure of pathogenicity
2 a relationship between two organisms
4 disease arising from outside of hosts or from opportunistic pathogen
9 disease that appears a long time after infection
10 An external filamentous structure that is made of protein. Its functions are attachment in conjugation and receptor site for bacteriophages (Singular)
12 Introduced the modern method of vaccination (for smallpox using cowpox)
13 The name of the scientist who invented a set of postulates that's purpose was to associate specific organisms with a specific disease
14 the incidence of death in the population
16 The domain that has similar characteristics to Domain Eukarya
21 During the gram stain procedure, after the decolorizing step what color are gram positive cells
22 a disturbance in the host which impairs normal host function
23 simple diffusion of water
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