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Microbiology 2 Crossword Puzzle

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Microbiology 2

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Across Down
3 the incidence of disease in the population including both fatal and nonfatal disease
4 discovered genus Bacillus and spore formation
7 a symbiotic relationship in which one organism benefits and the other one is neither benefited nor harmed by the relationship
8 phase of bacterial growth curve where bacteria is actively growing; cell # increase at a steady rate
9 the science of the incidence, distribution and spread of disease in a community
11 round shaped bacteria
14 gram positive, rod shapped bacteria that is used in the production of antibiotics
16 requires preformed organic molecules
18 study of viruses
19 decolorizing agent in gram stain
1 the invasion or growth of microorganisms in the body
2 a microorganism that is killed by high pressure
5 this type of fermentations end product is lactic acid
6 published work on surgical antisepsis; sterile bandages and instruments etc.
7 growth of microorganisms after it has attached to host tissue or other surface
10 skin antiseptic in 60-70% concentration
12 Treponema pallidum
13 used reduced inorganic molecules as source of hydrogen and/or electrons
15 a specific group of signs and/or symptoms that occur together and are indicative of a particular disease or abnormal condition
17 organism adapted to low nutrient concentrations
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