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Microbiology Terminology Crossword Puzzle

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Microbiology Terminology

        1   2                                    
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1 Caused by external environment usually other humans
3 When bacteria grow on body sites exposed to the environment, without causing infection.
4 The presence of microorganisms causing damage to body tissues, usually in the presence of acute inflammation (pain, swelling, redness, heat and loss of function)
5 Are bacteria which are found in or on our bodies on a semi-permanent basis without causing disease
6 An infection that originates in and is confined to one area of the body or organ system e.g. ear infection, boil on the leg
7 Means microbes are present
8 One benefits, the other (host) is (potentially) harmed e.g. virus
12 One benefits without causing harm to the other.
13 An infection caused by an infectious agent that is already present in the body, but has previously been unapparent or dormant i.e. normal flora on skin infecting wounds
2 An infectious microorganism that is normally a commensal or does not harm its host but can cause disease when the host's resistance is low
9 An infection that appears suddenly and usually followed by a rapid recovery e.g. measles, mumps, influenza
10 An infection that affects the entire body e.g. Influenza, Meningitis
11 Any prolonged or persistent invasion of the body by pathogens e.g. Tuberculosis, leprosy, syphilis
14 Living together of two dissimilar organisms
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