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Microsoft Office Crossword Puzzle

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Microsoft Office

Read each hint to determine the correct vocabulary word for each definition.

                              1   2     3  
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Across Down
5 A row of command buttons.
6 A location on disk where you can store files.
7 Marked with color to stand out from the surrounding text.
9 Programs that provide the instructions for a computer or other hardware device.
11 Computers, printers, and other devices.
13 The amount of white space between the text and the edge of the page on each side.
15 A complete set of characters in a specific face, style, and size.
16 Text or graphics that are linked to another location.
17 A device that converts printed documents into digital file formats.
18 To duplicate a selection. The original remains unchanged.
19 To delete a selection from its original location and move it to the Clipboard.
1 A computer device or component used to store data such as programs and files.
2 A device that allows you to select items onscreen by pointing at them with the mouse pointer.
3 To insert a selection fromt he Clipboard into a document.
4 A picture used to identify an element onscreen, such as a toolbar button.
8 The flashing vertical line that indicates where typed text will display.
10 To change the appearance of text or other elements.
12 The use of computers to collect, store, and distribute information.
14 The area onscreen where a program or document is displayed.
17 Mark text as the focus of the next action.
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