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Middle Age Europe Crossword Puzzle

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Middle Age Europe

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Across Down
1 Group of people that originated in Germany and spread to dominate much of Eueope during the Middle Ages
2 Young servant in the service of a nobleman
4 Knight's servant, older than a page
5 Code of conduct for a knight
7 Used to distinguish on knight from another
8 Beginning craftsman who worked to learna trade
9 Bubonic plague epidemic that killed millions of people in the 14th century
11 Agreementsigned by King John and his barons in 1215
13 Peasant bound to work on his lords estate
14 Ditch surrounding a castle
15 Craftsman paid wages for his work
17 Fortified tower built within a castle
18 Someone granted land in return for services
19 District over which a lord had control
22 Top churchleader in a kingdom
23 People living in Northern Europe during the Middle Ages
25 Position of nobility just below a king
1 Political system based on granting land in return for services
3 Heavily armed soldier who rode horseback
6 He owned land that he leased to a vassal
7 First Holy Roman Emperor
10 Fortified residence of a noble
12 Religious wars sanctioned by the Latin Church
16 Where monks live
20 Land given to a vassal
21 Richard the Lionheart was one
24 Group of Craftsmen
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