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Middle Ages Crossword Puzzle

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Middle Ages

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Across Down
1 Wealthiest Italian City State
2 What is your favorite class of the day
5 What period do you have this class
6 Who is your favorite teacher
9 Time of a rebirth of interest in art and learning in Europe
10 Monk that wrote the 95 Theses
13 organized branch of Christianity
14 Merchant from Venice that made a famous journey to China
15 famous English writer of the Renaissance
16 Painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel
19 reduced the Church's punishment for sin
20 religious belief that contradicts what the Church says is true
21 how many regular days of school do we have left
1 Everyday language
3 The art of negotiating with other countries
4 Belieft that individual and human society were important
7 to be more interested in this world than in religion and getting into heaven
8 Famous Italian artist, scientist, and inventor
11 Another word for cancel
12 the way the city of Venice became wealthy
17 King of England that had six wives
18 Order founded by Ignatius of Loyola
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