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Middle Ages Crossword Puzzle

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Middle Ages

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Across Down
3 Skilled workers that made goods by hand
4 Something that people believed that once belonged to a christian saint
5 Short, humorous poems that mock nobles, the clergy, and townspeople
6 A payment to the church of 10 percent of the persons income
8 A person who is learning a trade or craft from a master and works without pay except for room and board
9 The most famous castle in london
12 In 1163, the tallest church in Christindom
15 People who live in burghs or towns rather than rural areas
16 A formal combat between two mounted knights armed with lances
17 A young man who waits on a knight and helps him with his armor and weapons
18 medieval style of architecture
20 A Venetian merchant traveler who traveled to China
1 A person who's ideals were incorrect in the opinion of the church
2 King during 1066-1087
7 The leader of the monastery
10 University found by English students
11 A fee charged to cross a feudal lord's territory
13 An association of people who work at the same occupation
14 Members of a Roman Catholic religious order who took the same vows as a monk but traveled about preaching instead of living in a monastary
19 The practice of lending money for intrest
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