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Middle Ages And Renaissance Crossword Puzzle

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Middle Ages and Renaissance

Musical Terms from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

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Across Down
2 A bound music book, either printed or hand-written, with music for a single vocalist or instrumentalist.
4 The set order of church services and the structure of each service.
8 The fixed portion of the mass; remain the same in every Mass.
9 Early music where plainchant was 'decorated' with one or more musical lines
11 Music of the church
12 Monophonic music of the early Christian church
14 In the Renaissance, a new way of thinking centered on human issues and the individual.
15 The variable portion of the Mass; varies from day to day throughout the church year.
16 In polyphonic music, a fixed melody assigned to one voice, as the basis for elaborate ornamentation in the other voices.
17 Scale patterns
18 Where the group responds to the leader's text-music phrase
20 Where one note is sung to each syllable of the text
21 The language of the people
22 Melodic decorations.
23 German craftsman who adapted the wine press to the printing of books.
25 Musical style from early 14th century France, demonstrating more complex rhythm, meter, harmony and counterpoint.
26 A fixed pattern of long and short notes that is repeated or varied over a sustained bottom voice taken from chant
28 Musical setting where all voices move together rhythmically.
30 A secular song set to a French courtly love poem written in one of several fixed-text forms
33 Technique of making the music directly reflect the meaning of the words.
36 Slow and stately Renaissance dance.
37 The formal language of the church
38 Loud sound of outdoor instrumental in the Renaissance.
39 Renaissance circle or line dance
40 Small hand drums played in pairs.
1 A sacred work with a Latin text, for use in the Mass and other religious services.
3 Protestant movement from the Renaissance, led by Augustinian monk Martin Luther in the early 1500's.
5 Roving aristocratic poet-musicians from the south of France
6 Renaissance plucked instrument of Middle-Eastern origin.
7 Early version of the trombone
10 End-blown flute with a breathy tone.
13 Social music for entertainment and expression
16 Simple worship music, often monophonic, in which the church congregation participates.
17 Many notes set to a single syllable of text
19 Soft sound of indoor instrumental music in the Renaissance.
24 Based on the principles of major-minor tonality
27 Music for unaccompanied voices.
29 Renaissance secular work originating in Italy for voices, with or without instruments, set to a short, lyric love poem.
31 Nasal-sounding ancestor of the oboe
32 Multi-voiced music
34 Small groups of up to 5 or 6 notes sung to a syllable of text
35 In polyphonic music, principle where musical ideas are exchanged between vocal lines, with the voices imitating each other.
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