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Mini Nation Crossword Puzzle

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Mini Nation

                  1         2                  
                      3   4                    
                            6             7    
          9   10     11             12   13        
  15               16                            
18                 19                            
                                23           24  
        25   26   27                              
                            28   29   30   31      
33 34                                            
Across Down
4 a path between two hills or mountains with steep sides
5 a thickly populated area, usually smaller than a city and larger than a village, having fixed boundaries and certain local powers of government.
6 a hollow in the earth, especially one opening more or less horizontally into a hill, mountain, etc.
10 the meeting place of two roads, railroads, or rivers
13 a series of rocks rising above the waterline
14 the line on a mountain that trees cannot grow above
16 the place where a river begins
18 a road on which trains travel
19 a steep fall or flow of water
21 growing plants
22 where the land meets water
23 a large or important town.
25 an imaginary line, marked by waterfalls and rapids, where rivers descend abruptly from an upland to a lowland.
30 a body of land surrounded by water
32 one of the five major, connecting bodies of salt water
33 the land bordering a large body of water
1 a deep valley with steep sides
2 a cone shaped mountain made of lava and cinders
3 the land next to the sea
7 a structure projecting into the water usually used for the docking and loading of ships
8 a structure spanning and providing passage over a river, chasm, road, or the like.
9 a section of water that flows in a circle
11 plowed or spaded land used for growing crops
12 a natural stream of water
15 the sandy or pebbly shore of a body of water
17 a steep, vertical, or overhanging face of rock, earth, or ice
20 a natural elevation of the earths surface
24 a pit from which coal, minerals, and precious gems are dug up
25 a large tract of land covered with trees and underbrush
26 a shallow inland body of water connected to the sea by an inlet
27 a large inland body of water
28 a cleared path that living things or vehicles travel on
29 the highest point of a mountain
31 the solid part of the surface of the earth
34 a section of land that is higher than the land around it
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