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Mississippi Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
3 A type of farm that Mississippi has more of than any state
6 Capital of Mississippi in 1821
8 The city that does not lie along the bank of the Mississippi river
9 State abbreviation
10 State mammal
11 State that borders north of Mississippi
12 The name of the island off the coast of Mississippi that is actually two separate islands
13 The cereal box that Walter Payton was on
15 The city that is called the Cotton Capital of the World
17 State beverage
18 The town in which the world's largest cactus plantation is located
19 The city where Elvis Presley was born
20 Mississippi State University mascot
1 A county in Mississippi named after a famous Spanish explorer
2 Mississippi's largest city
4 60% of Mississippi is covered by this
5 The county that was named after the seventh president of the U.S.
6 The city in which the oldest Holiday Inn is located
7 Mississippi's largest aquaculture industry
14 A town named during the daytime
16 Highest mountain in Mississippi
20 Name of root beer invented in Mississippi
21 The town in which the University of Mississippi is located
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