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Mitosis Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
6 What is the name of the structure that forms during cell division
7 What is the equator of the cell called
9 Purpose of Mitosis when cells are damaged
12 The structure made of long proteins that begin shaping at opposite ends of the cell
13 What is the second phase of mitosis called
15 What is the important event that happens in the middle of Mitosis
17 A significant role of Mitosis
18 The operation when a single cell divides into 2 identical daughter cells
21 Which physical boundary breaks down during Prometaphase
22 Number of phases in the process of mitosis
23 An example of when Mitosis occurs in humans
27 What is development of a protein formation of Prometaphase called
28 The name of duplicated chromosomes that have an X shape
1 What is the proteins held in the nucleus known as
2 What happens to each pair of chromosomes during Anaphase
3 What does the Cytokinesis do to the cytoplasm of the parental cell into two daughter cells
4 The second phase in the process of Mitosis
5 The name of the long protein filaments
8 What do the cell's chromosomes in Metaphase do
10 The three phases that occur in Interphase
11 Main purpose of Interphase
14 What is the process after Telephase
16 what is required to be made from the S phase
19 what is G2 phase function
20 The fourth phase of Mitosis
24 what is G1 phase function
25 What does the Nuclear DNA need to be separated from
26 What is the name of a structure made of a single piece of DNA that is highly organized
29 The longest phase in the cell cycle
30 Which point are the Sister Chromatids attached
31 The third phase of Mitosis
32 The fifth stage of Mitosis
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