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Mitosis And Meiosis Crossword Puzzle

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Mitosis and Meiosis

Complete the crossword puzzle below

  3                                 4                
      7     8                                        
10                             11                      
          19           20   21     22                    
Across Down
2 A matched set of 4 chromatids
4 Somatic cell division
5 This step is characterised by chromosomes coiling and condensing
6 A stage in the cell cycle that leads up to the division of the cytoplasm
8 Cells from which sperm cells arise
9 This step is characterised by the attachment of chromosomes to the reforming spindle fibres
10 Produced by the centriole and keep the chromatids in place during mitosis
12 The stage in which chromosomes are pulled apart
13 A spermatozoa related event that shows the preparedness of the sperm for fertilization
14 Division of the cystosol
15 Cells that are not dividing leave the cell cycle and remain in this stage
17 A compulsory process in mitosis but non-compulsory in meiosis
19 The protein bound area of the centromere that helps the spindle fibre attach
1 A chromosomal locus that regulates the movement of chromosomes during mitosis and meiosis
3 The period between cell division
4 A stage in which the oocyte is arrested in and can only be released by fertilization
7 Results from the abnormal mitotic cell division
8 Meiosis that occurs in males
11 The process by which 4 gametes are produced
16 Sister chromatids are pulled apart at this stage
18 Alignment of the chromosomes on the equator
20 One half of a replicated chromosome
21 This is the term given to meiosis in females
22 Sperm cells differentiate into this
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