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Mobile Home Parks And History Crossword Puzzle

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Mobile Home Parks and History

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2 During ______ the trailer industry began to produce semi-permanent housing similar in function to the design of 1938.
7 Mobile homes/manufactured housing have been around for over this many years.
9 By 19___ campgrounds began charging a fee in order to keep people from becoming permanent residents without paying property taxes.
10 A unique housing type created as a result of the evolution of America's transportation system.
15 The first mobile home park was in ________ FL.
16 By 1969, a fourteen-foot-wide and _________ models were being produced.
17 In 19__ Arthur Sherman risked $10,000 to enter the trailer business.
1 Pre-cursor to the mobile home, the travel trailer seems to have been created and evolved around ___________.
3 In 1952 the FHA issued a land planning bulletin recommending that ____% of mobile home lots be at least 1,350 square feet.
4 The first mobile home park was established in 19____.
5 A rounded and aerodynamic trailer commercially produced until the late 1930's
6 The _______ House opened the possibility for the affordability of a semi-permanent to permanent house designed for occupancy rather than mobility.
8 Six _______ 'trailer camps' were established between 1920 and 1924.
9 The first 'box trailer' was sold in 1929 for $______.
11 In 1963 the _____ was established.
12 Trailer camps were particularly concentrated in California, Florida and the ___________.
13 In 19__ aviation pioneer Glen Curtiss designed and built a custom trailer to be pulled behind his automobile for autocamping.
14 Elmer ______ coined the term 'mobile home'.
17 By 1960 the _______ dominated the mobile home industry and was dominant size being produced.
18 The first mobile home park was named Trailer _________.
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