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Modern Concept OF The Atom Crossword Puzzle

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Modern Concept of the Atom

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Across Down
4 '_____________ Uncertainty Principle': it is impossible to know both the location and the velocity of electron at the same time.
6 _________________ move around the nucleus in energy levels.
8 Discovered the nucleus of the atom.
9 '____________ effect' - metals eject electrons called 'photoelectrons' when light shines on them.
12 Distance between two crests on a wave.
13 The SI unit for frequency (or cycles per second).
14 Th amount of energy required to move an electron from its present energy level to the next higher one.
15 The number of wave cycles to pass a given point per unit of time.
16 Wave's height from the origin to the crest of the wave.
19 ______________ principle: electrons enter orbitals of the lowest energy first.
20 The letter 'n' is used to represent a primary _______________ level.
21 '________________ exclusion principle' - no two electrons in the same atom can have all four of the same quantum numbers.
1 Discoverd the electron
2 's' orbitals are shaped like a _____________________.
3 ______________ rule: when electrons occupy orbitals of equal energy, one electron will enter each orbital until all equal orbitals have one electron with the same spin.
5 __________________ radiation: travels in waves but does not need massed particles to travel.
7 The rainbow of light colors formed by light passed through a prism.
10 '______________ state': all electrons are in their lowest possible energy state.
11 Volume of space around the nucleus where we expect to find the electron 90% of the time. It is a subunit of the energy level.
17 A distinct particle of light energy.
18 'd' orbitals are shaped like a ____________________.
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